The 5-Year Certificate Program

The Instructor Intensive looks to incorporate all aspects of Ukrainian instruction that may or may not have been missed as a dancer grows into the instructor role. All facets from classical training, to teaching tricks and turns, regional basics and breakdown, as well as character evolution, and prop usage will feature.

Each year, we'll look at a different level, building on that which you will have learnt the year before. In 2019, we started on Beginner development - the steps, techniques, styles, combinations, choreography, etc,  appropriate for this age group, breaking down each area as we went.

This year, we'll look to the Junior level, 2021 will be Intermediate, with Senior, and Master levels to follow. A certificate will be issued following the completion of the 5-year program. Educational materials will be provided at the Intensive, with regular updates online at the start of the new dance season in September.

There are more unique and exciting opportunities coming to complement the 2-day Instructor Intensive. Make sure to join us!


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