Create a Ukrainian dance foundation with roots that will allow you to grow into the dancer you were meant to be.

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The Rodovid Curriculum

An educational tool for instructors around the world

The Rodovid story is one that has grown completely organically thanks to a love of dance and a desire to continue the great tradition of Verkhovynets, Avramenko, Virsky, and so many more who work to preserve and evolve Ukrainian dance around the world.


The Rodovid collective are dancers, teachers, directors, and choreographers, who have worked with children all over the world for decades. We have seen some amazing talent! However, access to information varies depending on the community, resulting in different levels, terms, and understanding of Ukrainian dance. Wanting to affect positive change, RAUD set forth to develop a system that will hopefully fill any gaps for dancers and instructors alike, anywhere in the world!


Rodovid Academy of Ukrainian Dance looks to affect the Ukrainian dance world in many ways


Each year we will release a new level in the RAUD system, focusing on the specific age and ability of a group of children. Our inaugural year began in 2019 with the Beginning Curriculum, where we delivered a concise amount of work and knowledge appropriate for children 4-7.

In 2020, we moved to the Junior year, where children, having already gained a good foundation from the Beginner RAUD Curriculum, move on to the next level of instruction, steps, technique, etc, to assist in a great year ahead. Subsequent years will highlight the Intermediate, Senior, and Master Choreographer level.

We are thrilled you have decided to join us and look forward to sharing these fun, new, and in some ways simple adjustments to ensure you and your students get the most out of the dance season.