Instructor Intensive
ages 15+
25-26 July


Our Virtual Instructor Intensive in July features the full RAUD Beginner Curriculum. If you weren't able to join us last summer in person, take in this 2-day virtual workshop and get up to speed on the Beginner level of the Rodovid training curriculum.

In two days of online instruction, Lana, Shannon, and Andrii will bring you up to speed on what a Beginner class setting throughout the year might look like. We will take you through all of the classes as per our in-studio Intensive, just online!

Some understanding of classical training is a must for all instructors who want to ensure regular improvement in the classes they teach. The Rodovid Curriculum combines the best of the Royal Academy of Dance and the Vaganova methods to reach those goals. In addition, we'll provide tips to help with body awareness, learn the proper positions, basic steps, and exercises at the barre and in the centre.

Ukrainian academic dance is why Ukrainian dancers sign up for your class in the first place! Let us not only walk you through the best steps to teach at this level, but the best way to teach them using our step-by-step method. You'll learn how to breakdown steps so that you understand the mechanics and can then pass that on to your students. We'll also work on possible combinations that might be appropriate for this age group, with practical exercises that you will engage in as a teacher. Finally, terminology is something we as teachers don't always use properly. Let's fix that! We'll give you a list of the proper terms as well as any variations that may exist.

In a classroom-type setting, we'll discuss options/games to engage dancers in understanding different rhythms, improvisation, and acting. We'll discuss ideas for costuming, props and story-lines, regional characteristics, how to create a class for different levels of Beginner, and building choreography.

Whether this is your first year teaching, or you've been at it for 20 years, the Rodovid Academy of Ukrainian Dance Curriculum 5-Year Certificate Program is an amazing resource to brush up on Ukrainian academic dance technique, remember why classical training is so important, understand how to breakdown steps and build combinations, and so much more.

All materials will be provided, including music, and video tutorials to follow along. 



Virtual Instructor Intensive + Virtual Dancer Workshop

Virtual Instructor Intensive + In-studio Instructor Intensive

Want to take part in both the Virtual Instructor Intensive + the Virtual Dancer Workshop in July? No problem! We'll take $125 off of your ticket when you opt for the Platina program in the Virtual Dancer Workshop.
Sign up for the Virtual Instructor Intensive (Beginner) + the In-studio Instructor Intensive (Junior) and give your teaching abilities a boost with $50 off in tuition.

Virtual Instructor Intensive - Beginner Curriculum (1)
Sep 17, 2:44 PM – 11:59 PM CST
Virtual Instructor Intensive

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