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Andrii Zubchevskyi

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Andrii Zubchevskyi

Dance technician

Andrii was born in Kyiv, Ukraine where, for 12 years, he attended the choreographic school and later the preparatory studio of the Virsky National Ukrainian Dance Ensemble. In 2004, he was accepted into the Virsky ensemble where he worked until 2007. With a passion for commercial, contemporary, and jazz dance forms, Andrii has since worked for various dance companies throughout Ukraine, as well as appearing on television shows Ukraine’s Got Talent and X-Factor. He has also worked for Crystal Cruises where he was enlisted not just to dance, but choreograph, and direct three productions.

Andrii is one of the founders of Totem Dance School in Kyiv, Ukraine, where he teaches and choreographs for various dance festivals. His list of achievements also includes working with circus performers, where one of his numbers was selected for the annual festival in Paris – Du Cirque De Demain.

In 2015, Andrii relocated to Germany to join the original production of Phantom of the Opera, which toured across Europe with Beatrice Egli and David Garrett. In addition, Michael Jackson’s tribute show Legacy featured Andrii in Berlin. Currently, Andrii is on tour as dance captain of the world premiere musical featuring the music of Frank Sinatra, called That’s Life.

Over the years, Andrii has repeatedly returned to the experience, expertise, and knowledge gained through his education and work with Virsky; incorporating the technique perfected in Ukraine in his performance and choreography abroad.

Returning to where his career in dance all began, Andrii was very excited to be involved in the RAUD programs in 2o2o.