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Lana Nicole Niland

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Lana Nicole Niland

Rodovid Co-founder

Lana Nicole Niland was brought up on dance in the 1980s care of the Saskatoon School of Dance. Though tap and jazz fuelled her creative juices, with ballet creating the structure (Lana achieved her Advanced RAD in 2003), it was the beautiful costumes, movements, and emotion of Ukrainian dance that quickly proved her passion with the Pavlychenko Folklorique Ensemble.

Accepted into the Virsky Studio in 2003 as a potential artist, she toiled for ten months, six days a week, working eleven-hour days – building on all that she had been taught in Canada, perfecting that which was becoming second-nature in Ukraine. In June 2004, she received a diploma and a position in the Virsky National Honoured Academic Dance Ensemble of Ukraine as a performing artist. To date, she is the only dancer outside the post-Soviet space to have worked as an artist of the ballet.

Work with Virsky included highly focused attention with acclaimed teachers, choreographers, and directors, providing a strong backbone in Vaganova ballet, character, acting, turns and technique, and of course Ukrainian dance. Working with one of the world’s most exceptional dance groups, Lana has danced on some of the oldest, most beautiful, and most prominent stages around the world.

In 2009, Lana took over editorship (and ownership in 2017) of What’s On – Kyiv’s definitive English language culture and entertainment magazine. In 2016, she took on the same position for Ukrainian Dance World – The Magazine! – an incredible resource for Ukrainian dancers, teachers, and parents alike.

Recognising the need for quality Ukrainian products abroad, Lana began collaborating with local artisans in 2015, opening the door to a new business with Postmark Ukraine. Children’s groups, semi-professional ensembles, and professional companies from around the world enlist Postmark Ukraine to create unique, one-of-a-kind costuming, footwear, and more.

Lana’s most recent adventure features the Rodovid Academy of Ukrainian Dance, which offer regular workshops with top-rated international instructors for dancers, a certificate program for instructors, and a membership option for anyone interested in continuing their Ukrainian dance education.

Lana returns to Canada often to work with groups across the country hosting workshops, creating choreography, and sitting in the adjudicator’s chair. Her experience in Ukraine and around the world gives her unique insight into the world of Ukrainian dance, striving always to bring out the very best in the dancers she works with.

“Ukrainian dance unites the world in magical ways. I look forward to working with you!”

Lana Nicole Niland